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Super comfort for the chilly that like to hide to sleep. Suitable for any greyhound, for most Sighthounds and the like.

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The specific bed for Greyhounds and the like; Whippets and Italian Greyhounds love them! Are dogs who like comfort and privacy in sleep, to hide the nose while sleeping, used to go into dens and small caves, hence the English name 'basement dogs'. Very similar to the Gruta, this is specific to most of Sighthounds designed thinking in the delicacy of their movements. Very comfortable with filling in Conforel, heat, cool in summer and warm in winter, very soft which avoids any musculoskeletal injury such as hygroma or bursitis of the elbow, treatment very time consuming, complicated and not always successful . To avoid these situations should be from infants that have a good mattress well suited to their weight / volume. Our mattresses have the appropriate thickness to the size of your dog. Heating is provided by the padding and fabric type '' the sheep ''!

Our beds are all machine washable and dryer (30º). For the XXL beds you can use the 'self wash laundry', they have big machines... !! Open the zipper and remove the inner mattress that is washable too. All Caves have a rim which has to be removed before washing. On the right side of the bow there is a small slot through which can pull. After the washed and dried bed should return to put it. To the hoop to keep always well arched and again turn it without taking it to the opposite position. Confirm that this is within the sheath at both ends.

S - 60cm (1 Italien Greyhound, 1Dachshund mini)

M - 70cm (1 small Whippet, 2 IG, 1 Dachshund Standart, 2 Dachshund mini)

L - 80cm (1 big Whippet, 3 IG, 2 Dashhund Standart, 3 Dachshund mini)

XL - 90cm (2 or 3 Whippet, 1 Greyhound, N IG or N Dachshund mini)

XXL- 100cm (1 Greyhound + 2 Whippets)

Warning !!! While a puppy, always bear toys around, as an alternative ... !! Although we have the best beds in the world, with the most appropriate materials, these have not been designed to withstand the devastating effects of your dog's teeth... In addition to all this care, we added one more ... a lavender sachet that will always accompany our beds. Popular wisdom have known for a long time that it provides relaxation , it's excellent for hyper-active dogs and great for all the others, promising restful nights for your friend!

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