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From €37.15

A basic bed, great quality! If your dog likes more than to throw up mattress or if you like to walk to run before arranging the best...


From €60.00

Super comfort for the chilly that like to hide to sleep. Suitable for any greyhound, for most Sighthounds and the like.

Crown Top Cave


Size: 80cm (1 big Whippet, 3 Italian Greyhound, 2 Dashhund Standart, 3 Dachshund mini)


Faro- Tapete interactivo

From €25.00

Normalmente, à hora certa a ração está no prato... sem graça nem esforço!
A HotDog vai mudar tudo!


From €47.68

If your dog likes to sleep under your duvet, we thought this bed for him. Suitable for chilly that like to hide to sleep.


From €30.00

Bed blanket

To warm up and give refinement to your space...


From €28.00

Simplicity, comfort and ergonomics. This bed is suitable for any environment, temperature and type of dog. This is our most generalist...

Saco Cama

From €64.60

Specially designed for those who love to sleep just like their owner! Inside the bed when it's cold ... or on top of it, when the heat arrives!

Super Colchão

From €70.00

Bed for large dogs, maternity or incontinence. Excellent for crates. Super washable, comfortable and waterproof will offer the maximum...

Top Cave

From €65.00

TOP CAVE - The Shiny one...

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