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From €60.00

Super comfort for the chilly that like to hide to sleep. Suitable for any greyhound, for most Sighthounds and the like.


From €47.68

If your dog likes to sleep under your duvet, we thought this bed for him. Suitable for chilly that like to hide to sleep.

Saco Cama

From €64.60

Specially designed for those who love to sleep just like their owner! Inside the bed when it's cold ... or on top of it, when the heat arrives!


From €28.00

Simplicity, comfort and ergonomics. This bed is suitable for any environment, temperature and type of dog. This is our most generalist...


From €37.15

A basic bed, great quality! If your dog likes more than to throw up mattress or if you like to walk to run before arranging the best...

Super Colchão

From €70.00

Bed for large dogs, maternity or incontinence. Excellent for crates. Super washable, comfortable and waterproof will offer the maximum...


From €30.00

Bed blanket

To warm up and give refinement to your space...



A favourite of coaches used as the basis of the obedience exercises. Train your dog with the help of the HotSpot.

African Saco Cama


Size: 80cm/70cm (1 Italian Greyhound, 1 Poodle, 1 York, 1 Teckel, 2 Pincher, 3 Chihuahua)


Top Cave

From €65.00

TOP CAVE - The Shiny one...

(if you want to write the name of your dog, please contact us).

Striped Happy Cat


Fabrics: brown faux fur and colorful striped fabric (see picture)

For our "frenemies"...